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Ephemeral Rift he's also known by his nickname uncle E, he's an ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content creator on YouTube. Off societal media and cameras Ephemeral Rift's actual name is Paul, he's in his mid-40s and he is also a family man. He has a wife and a son he never enable them to appear on his videos, I guess that is what we call family defense. He says even though child and his wife lives a life they support him and watch his videos.

Paul says he had fire in music because he was growing up but he never understood his capabilities before he started his YouTube station in the year 2011 and he named it Ephemeral Rift which he termed as just two mysterious titles that did not have any significance, maybe next time he must tell us why he picked only them not any other names. Regrettably Paul is suffering Acoustic Neuroma, and it can be the nerves in the inner ear to the brain and a tumor on vestibular and hearing issues can be caused by it. He belongs to the Agnostic atheist community.

His YouTube channel he had been post ordinary regular videos that he took himself and largely he'd post things about character maybe clouds in the sky and etc.. In 2012 he decided to turn into an ASMR content founder, he started making posts on his station. As time went by he began producing although at the begging he only created the traditional ASMR content. You can also find his songs.

Paul also said he is a fan of a planet things he's read from the writing of Lovecraft inspire almost all of his work. His content is known to be eccentric and creepy, in 2013 Paul introduced a world narrative that almost lead to self-contradiction.

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